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Top Reasons to Self Drive around New Zealand in a Rental Car



New Zealand is a wonderful place to visit. It has everything you could possibly imagine: mountains, lakes, glaciers, coves, beaches, cities and more. With a population of about 4 million, New Zealand is one of the least crowded countries in the world, making it a great choice for people who want to get away from their busy lives and relax in a beautiful destination. The country has 27 regions spread across 2 main islands. Because the country is so compact, visitors can easily get around the main holiday destinations in the country during their stay.


If you are New Zealand for a vacation and would like to see everything that the country has to offer, we recommend hiring a self drive car. Self drive rental cars have a number of advantages, when compared both to public transport and bringing your own car. Here are some of the top benefits of hiring a self drive rental car on your trip to New Zealand.




The most important benefit of hiring a self drive rental car at is that it allows your vacation to remain a vacation. There is no need to get caught up in the hectic rush of catch and release that really is not any better than a busy day at the office. You can enjoy your own vacation at your own pace because you control your own travel time with a self drive rental car. There is no need to wake up way too early just so you could catch your train or meet a bus schedule. A self drive rental car offers the biggest benefit during your vacation in New Zealand: peace of mind.


Variety of Cars to Choose From


By opting to hire a self drive rental car service, you get a wide variety of options that will cater to all your needs and requirements. If you need to impress a special person, then you can hire a luxury car. If you are going on a road trip with your friends, get a vehicle that can accommodate all of you comfortably. Go Rentals Auckland offers some of the best cars in New Zealand at a reasonable price so whatever your requirement is, there is one available that can suit your needs. You can also learn more about car rental services by checking out the post at


Customer Assistance


Self drive rental car services at will provide you with detailed notes for your upcoming trip. They will be able to give you directions, distances, nearby sights of interest, and any other relevant information that you may need.